Our Products   Heald Frame & Accessories

We make heald frames for all type of Rapier, Airjet & Projectile Machines Like Sulzer, Picanol, Toyota, Somet, Dornier, N.P, Tsuadakoma etc.

Warp Beams :
Warper Beams

Warper beams suitable for Jupiter, West Point, Benninger sizing machine.

GALAXY Brand Beams are suitable for us on all type of Machines like Sulzer, Toyota, Dornier, Tsudokoma, Picanol, Somet, N.P Etc. Weavers Beams are manufactured in Flange Diameter of 600 to 1250 mm. Weavers's Beams is Manufactured with Single and Twin Section, accompanies with Driving gear for Smooth Working.

Silent Features of Our Beams.

  • High Quality Allot.
  • Perfect Finish and Dimension.
  • Rigid Construction
  • High Durability.
  • Special Packing


Weaver Beams

Beams suitable for Toyota, Tsudakoma, Picanol, Sulzer, Dornier Airjet & Rapier looms

We make Loom Warp Beams Suitable for use on Benninger, Hacoba, Suker, West Point, Ellision, Juipter etc machines. Our Warp Beam has flanged diameter of 600- 1100 mm.


We make Special heavy Quality Beams for Fabrics like Glasfiber, Belting Fabrics, Industrial Cloth, Filter Cloth, ect.